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* American Law Sources Online - Virginia
* Code of Virginia - Table of Contents
- Search VA Rules of Court - Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia - Amendments to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia - Rules re Unauthorized Practice of Law - UPL Opinions Online, Alpha Topic Index - 2009-2009 Professional Guidelines Supplement to 2008-2009 Professional Guidelines Criminal Code - Criminal Procedure Code - Prisons and Corrections Code - Virginia VCC Codes by Description (Alphabetical): Abduction to Desertion & Nonsupport; Disorderly Conduct to Kidnapping; Labor to Scrap Metal; Securities Act to Transportation/Highways; Treason to Zoning Re Melendez-Diaz: HB 5007: Evidence, testimonial; procedure notifying defendant of introduction of certificate of analysis
* County and Municipal Codes in Virginia; Westmoreland County Ordinances
* Virginia Administrative Code  
* Virginia Division of Legislative Services Home Page (Text Only)
* Virginia General Assembly 2002 Bills and Resolutions Search Page
* Virginia Register of Regulations
Online Search Page 


* Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin
* Cardozo Law Review
* Columbia Law Review
* Contents Pages from Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals - Univ.Texas 
* Duke Law Journal
* E Law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
* George Mason Law Review
* Journal of Information, Law and Technology
* Jurist Legal Education Network, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law
* NYU Law Review
* Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business

* Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
* (The) Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest
* University of Pennsylvania Law Review
* University of Richmond Law Review
* Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
* (The) Virginia Law Review
Virginia Legal Research: UVA Law Library Research Guide
* (The) Washington & Lee Law Review
* Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
* William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal
* William & Mary Law Review
* Yale Law Journal

* American Law Sources Online - District of Columbia   
* American Law Sources Online - Maryland  
* American Law Sources Online - US Practice  
* Cats: "The Domestic Cat and the Law: A Guide"
by Stephen Young 

* COMAR: Online Maryland Regulations

* County and Municipal Codes - Selected State

* DC Code from Lexis Publishing
* DC Code from WestLaw

* Dumb Laws (all states) 
Examiner Handbook to the US Patent Classification System, USPTO
* Fastcase Public Library of Law: (caveat: make sure code is the most current)
* Federal Rules of Evidence, searchable
* Full-text statutes, regulations, constitutions - all states 
Internet Law Library: built by the Offices of the U.S.House of Representatives
LexisOne: search state/federal, requires registration, but is free 
Maryland Court of Appeals Opinions, from FindLaw

Maryland: Michie's Code of Maryland 
* National Center for State Courts:
Juror Stress Manual * Appendices * Topic List  
Pocket Guides for Judges (Federal Judicial Center)
* Tapping Officials' Secrets: each state's open records and open meetings laws
* USDOJ: US Attorneys' Manual  
Understanding the Federal Courts (Reporters' Guide)  
* United States Code 
* US Govt: Code of Federal Regulations
* US Govt: Federal Register
* United States Constitution Search Page from Emory University
* WashLaw WEB - Federal, states
* Where to Find Court Opinions: State Courts (Legalonline)
* US Code - search or browse, browse feature has several levels


* Chiefs of State, Cabinet Members of Countries Around the World 
* Family Law Tables, American Bar Association 
* Guide to European Legal Databases
Introduction to Public International Law Research: Louisiana State University
* Law Journals, Full Text, from Washlaw
* International Court of Justice 
* Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia  
* Wills and Trusts, Crash Course by Palermo 
* World Wide Web Virtual Law Library


* Constitution: Analysis and Interpretation (Library of Congress)
* The Curiae Project from the Yale Lillian Goldman Law Library, online searchable
* Guide to US Supreme Court from Jurist 
* Legal information Institute’s Eye on the Courts  
* US Supreme Court Decisions to 1990; Selected historic decisions  
* US Supreme Court - Jurist's Guide  
* US Supreme Court Landmark Cases
- browseable list of 15 cases
* US Supreme Court Monitor (Law.com): Cert.granted: argument date, subject
* US Supreme Court Monitor (Law.com): Decisions: cases by date, by subject
US Supreme Court Opinions from Legalonline 
* US Supreme Court Oral Arguments Transcripts
* US Supreme Court - Washington Post Special Section
* Web Guide to US Supreme Court Research by Gail Partin


* 4th Circuit Court Opinions (Federal) from FindLaw
* American Law Sources Online - Federal  
* DC Circuit Court Opinions (Federal)from Findlaw
* Emory Law Library Federal Courts Finder 
* LLRX.com's Court Rules, Forms and Dockets  

* US  Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit  
* US District Court: "A Journalist's Guide to Federal Courts"
* US District Court, Eastern District, VA, PACER System  
* US District Court, Western District, VA, Opinion Search  


* Federal Grand Juries and State Grand Juries from Federal Grand Jury Practice
*Handbook for Virginia Grand Jurors


Judical Ethics Advisory Committee Opinions (in HTML format)
Re Melendez-Diaz: Objection to Admission of Affidavit (PDF Form)(VA Supreme Court website)
Re Melendez-Diaz: Objection to Admission of Certificate of Analysis (PDF Form)(VA Supreme Court website)
* Supplemental Court Forms & A Civil Operations Manual for Virginia's General District Court from Legal Services of Northern Virginia (PDF)
* VA:"Answer Book for Jury Service"
* VA Circuit Courts;
Circuit Court Forms
* VA Circuit Court Clerk's Manual: Civil
* VA Circuit Court Clerk's Manual: Criminal
* VA Circuit Court Case Information

* VA Combined District Court Judges' Benchbook
* VA Court-Appointed Counsel:Public Defender Procedures & Guidelines Manual
* VA Court of Appeals and Virginia Supreme Court Search Box for Text Opinions
* VA Court of Appeals: Published Opinions in Text Format; Unpublished Opinions in Text Format; Published Opinions in Microsoft Word Format; Unpublished Opinions in Microsoft Word Format
* VA Courts System page on this site
* VA Courts Legal Updates
* VA General District Court Manual
* VA General District Courts 
* VA District Court Forms for General District & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

* VA Indigent Defense Commission Certified Assigned Counsel Lookup
* VA Judges & Clerk,Court of Appeals
* VA Judges & Justices, Alphabetical listing; VA Substitute Judges list in pdf format
* VA Justices & Clerk, Supreme Court
* VA Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court Manual
* VA Juvenile & Domestic Relations General District Courts
* VA Magistrates' Manual
* VA Qualified Guardians Ad Litem for Children: District 15
* VA Qualified Guardians ad Litem for Children by District
* VA Substitute Judges by Judicial District
* VA Supreme Court:
Synopsis of Opinions; Opinions In Text Format; Opinions In Microsoft Word  Format 
* VA Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Opinions, browse or search, from FindLaw
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission: Search the Opinions Database  
* Wise County Circuit Court Web Camera


* Blue Book, online
* Classroom Connect Resource Station's how-to-guide: referencing online sources

MIRANDA WARNING:  Miranda Warning from Court TV Law Center


* ABA Criminal Justice Section
* Anatomy of a Murder: A Trip Through Our Nation's Justice System
* BlawgSearch - law related blogs  
* BLOGS: (1) SCOTUSblog; (2) FourthAmendment.com; (3) Detod; (4) Daily Whirl 
* Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution (Findlaw): 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 6th Amendment, 8th Amendment 
* Breathalyzers: how they work from HowStuffWorks.com 
* CASREACT Chemical Reactions Database Search Page 
Clarence Seward Darrow 1857-1938
Crime and Clues: Articles on many subjects dealing with evidence and investigation
* Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement from USDOJ
* Criminal codes of 33 states, Cornell Law Lib., searchable online 
* Criminal Law Capsule Summary:
* Criminal Law Course Outline from 'Lectric Law Library
* Criminal Law Section of Nolo.com's Legal Encyclopedia 
* Criminal Records Online through Virtual Chase
* CriminalSearches.com - free criminal records search, all states
CSI Effect: Fact vs. Fiction
* Death Investigation: A Guide for the Scene Investigator from USDOJ
Developments in Federal Search and Seizure Law by Stephen R. Sady, Chief Dep. Fed. Pub. Defender, Dist.of Oregon (Oct.2009) 
* Dr. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links 
* Dr. Ed Uthman's Autopsy Page - CAUTION: Explicit terminology; description of procedure
* Dr. Frank Schmalleger's Cybrary: The World's Criminal Justice Directory  
* Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words from Addictions & Life

* Evidence Guidance from US Army Crime Laboratory 
Federal Judicial Center resources:
Benchbook for US District Court Judges (.pdf) * Benchbook (same in .rtf) * Chambers Handbook for Judges' Law Clerks and Secretaries * Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence * Federal Courts and What They Do * Welcome to the Federal Court * Effective Use of Courtroom Technology: A Judge's Guide to Pretrial and Trial * Manual for Complex Litigation * Manual on Recurring Problems in Criminal Trials * Reducing Risk through Employment and Education * Citations to Unpublished Opinions in the Federal Court of Appeals: Preliminary Report * Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Famous Trials: from Socrates forward
* Forensic-Evidence.com: Master Index

* Habitual Offender Restoration of Privileges

* Hairs, Fibers, Crime, and Evidence, US Department of Justice
* Legal Research Sources
* Forensic Science Resources in a Criminal Fact Investigation Index 
* Identity Theft Resources at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

* Intoximeter - calculates blood alcohol levels (approximately)
* Jail Links: Albemarle Charlottesville Nelson Regional Jail; Central Virginia Regional Jail New River Valley Regional Jail; Northern Neck Regional Jail; Pamunkey Regional Jail; Peumansend Creek Regional Jail; Prince William Manassas Adult Detention Center; Rappahannock Regional Jail; Riverside Regional Jail; Rockbridge Regional Jail;  Rockingham County Regional Jail; Southside Regional Jail
* Latent Print Examination - learn more!
* Law of Criminal Defense
* Lizzie Borden: Historical Investigation into the Past: Fall River Case Study

May It Please the Court 
* Mega Links in Criminal Justice by Dr. Tom O'Connor,Austin Peay State University
* National Criminal Justice Research Service Search Page: Search full text publications online
National Sex Offender Registry
* New England School of Law Legal Resources Topical Research Pages 
* NHTSA's Desk Book for Police Officers 
* Old Bailey Proceedings, searchable online: 1674 to 1834 criminal trials in London 

Paper Chase - Jurist Legal News & Research
* Principles of Forensic DNA for Officers of the Court: 15-module online course
* Public Defender Stuff
* Re Melendez-Diaz: Objection to Admission of Affidavit (PDF Form)(VA Supreme Court website)
Re Melendez-Diaz: Objection to Admission of Certificate of Analysis (PDF Form)(VA Supreme Court website)
Richmond County Sheriff's Office
* Search Full Text Publication Titles from Justice Information Center site
Southwest VA Law Blog

* Soyouwanna Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket?  
* TIAFT PowerSearch for Scientific and Medical Information  
* Toxline: searchable database of effects of drugs and other chemicals 
* Traffic School Online: take the class at your own pace 
Uniform Code of Military Justice

* US Attorneys' Manual, complete text
or Title 9 Criminal Division  
US District Court: "A Criminal Case" and "The Trial" from "A Journalist's Guide to Federal Courts" 
* USDOJ Interagency Interactive Fugitive Lookout
VA Appellate News & Analysis
Criminal Code - Criminal Procedure Code - Prisons and Corrections Code - Virginia VCC Codes by Description (Alphabetical): Abduction to Desertion & Nonsupport; Disorderly Conduct to Kidnapping; Labor to Scrap Metal; Securities Act to Transportation/Highways; Treason to Zoning
* VA Department of Corrections: Facilities - addresses and phone numbers; Most Wanted Fugitives; Online Inmate Locator 
* VA Criminal & Traffic Law Blog
VA Law Blog
* VA Probation Offices - Western Region Central Region - Eastern Region

* VA Sentencing Guidelines Worksheets, online (fill-in)
* Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body from Nat. Lib. of Medicine (NIH)

* Zeno’s Forensic Page (for detailed information)
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