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General Reference        

BIBLE  Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE      

    Biblical Resources Search: All-in-One

ENCYCLOPEDIA Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE     

Columbia Encyclopedia
Scholarpedia - expert written, peer reviewed
Wikipedia - online collaborative encyclopedia

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Biography.com Search Page
CiteSeerX-Beta Scientific Literature Digital Library & Search Engine from NSF, Microsoft & NASA
Congressional Research Service Reports: a selection of them, searchable online

Cornell Unviersity Library's arXiv.org: physics, math, computer science, quantitative finance & statistics
DOE "Information Bridge": physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental, energy tech, engineering, computer & info.science, renewable energy
Engineering Dictionary from Babylon.com
Field Guides, Online: National Audubon Society, searchable
Government Reference Sources: Northridge Library

HighWirePress/Stanford University includes 1,838,959 free articles
Homefront Confidential: How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know
Information Please Almanac: searchable, browseable online
Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections (UC)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Global Legal Information Network
NameStatistics.com: search for your first and last names
QuoteHead: browse by category or search by word or author name
Pocket Internet: 60 pages including crossword puzzles
Sources and Experts List (St. Petersburg Times news room)
I-Tools Search Tools
Reference Shelf, VCU Electronic
Reference Desk, Virtual Reference Desk: Fast Facts
Robert's Rules of Order online
Scholars' Guide to WWW: Humanities and Social Sciences Gateway
Science Education Gateway: SEGway
Search Systems:
700+ Searchable Public Record Databases

World Fact Book, CIA for world data
WWW Virtual Library: Browse by subject headings or search!
WWW Virtual Sites: Links to many sites on the 'net

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   Birthday Calculator - learn more about your birth date!
Blood Alcohol Calculator from CalculateWhat?
   Calorie Counter from CalculateWhat?
    BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator from CDC
   Calculators from Calculator.com: standard, fractions, percent, unit, area, more 
 Calculators, Online, Math.com 
    Calculators, Postage, from USPS: Domestic, International
   Conversions, Equivalent Measures from CureZone
   Conversions, English-Metric and Metric Conversion Java Script
   Currency Converter from Oanda   
Customize Countdown - how old are you? Calculate it! 
Golden Ratio Calculator - approx. 1.6170339887. Calculate for your own project!
OnlineConversion.com - 5,000+ units, 50,000 conversions
Online Stopwatch/Countdown - on your mark, get set, go!
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Atlas from WorldAtlas.com - find maps for countries and regions
Atlases, electronic: Oddens' Bookmarks, massive list

Chesapeake Bay Bolide, USGS: Modern Consequences of Ancient Cataclysm
Dig Straight Down! Where do you end up?
Google Maps - drag and drop online mapping
Houses, Database of,  in Britain and Ireland & Search Page
MapQuest lets you map exact addresses
MapMachine from National Geographic
Maps from Terra Server
Maps from TopoZone: search by place name or by longitude and latitude

Place Names: Gazetteer of Place Names
Sea: Oceans Map with all seas for 4 oceans of the world
States and Capitals
Terra Server aerial photographs and topographic maps
VA Official State Map in PDF: Map 3=Westmoreland, upper Northumberland & Richmond Cos. & upper Essex;
       Map 9=Richmond County, lower Essex (including Tappahannock); Map 10=lower Northumberland & Lancaster Cos.

Virtual Cave - explore four underground realms 

GEMS/SHELLS/SEA   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE                         

Fisheries: NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Harmful Algae Page: Learn all about red tide!
Jewels, Illustrated Dictionary of
Shells: Sea Shells Identification Guide from Seashells.org
Sea Shells by eNature Field Guides - categorized, illustrated

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25 UC Berkeley Courses Available  via Free Video from OpenCulture Podcast Directory
70 Signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube:
         smart video collections from media outlets, cultural institutions, universities and non-profits

100 Civics Questions & Answers for the New Naturalization Test (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services)
150 Free Textbooks from OpenCulture
Colonial Life: CommonPlace: Early Colonial Life
Colonial Virginia: History of Colonial Virginia: First Permanent Colony in America
Colors of your College Degree from Colourlovers.com
Engineer Your Life:A Guide to Engineering for High School Girls
Engines of Our Ingenuity: influence of technology on culture
(The) Enjoyment of Music: Online Tutor
Guide: Scholar's Guide to the WWW - by Dr. Richard Jensen
HomeworkNYC - Languages, language arts, math, music & art, people, religion/mythology, science, history & government
How to Cram for a College Exam from Degreedirectory.org
Math Help by Professor Freedman
Math: What Good is Math? from calculating grades to recipes 
Mathematical Snippets  
Music: Essentials of Music: classical

OpenLearn from Open University: free college-level courses online
Open Yale Courses - 35 complete courses, online, free!
Podcasts from Top American Law Schools from OpenCulture Podcast Directory
Princeton Review Online LSAT Tester 
PrintablePaper.net: print out graph paper, lined paper, notebook paper, music paper, etc., free
Psychological Tests Online, scored while you wait

Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates (YouTube Video) 
RateMyProfessors: check out your past, present, future instructors!
Research Strategies: Finding Your Way through the Information Fog, by Wm. Badke
Shmoop - Literature: browse and search
Shmoop - History: sortable by start date & searchable
Shmoop - Poetry: sortable by title/author & searchable
Study Guides and Strategies
Study Skills -
from Va. Tech - never too young OR old to learn these!
Teoria Music Theory Web - a complete resource!
Test Prep Review - free online practice questions: GED, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, more!
University & College Podcasts: Free Educational Podcasts from OpenCulture's List
Worldwide ETD Index: Electronic Theses and Dissertations

 Also check out the JUST FOR KIDS Page for additional study resources for students of all ages!

Language Resources     Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    


5 Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension from PickTheBrain
10 Mispronunciations That Make You Sound Stupid from TechnoRepublic.com
10 Flagrant Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid from TechnoRepublic.com
10 Things You Should Know About the Dictionary
100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English from YourDictionary.com
Beastly Mispronunciations from the PBS site, "Do You Speak American?"
Big Huge Thesaurus: Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhymes
Chiasmus.com: the art of chiastic phrasing
Dictionary: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition
Dictionary: Computing, Free on-line Dictionary of  

Dictionaries, OneLook:
the Faster Finder - 350 dictionaries
Dictionary, OneLook - Reverse Dictionary: type in concept, get words
English, Common Errors by Paul Brians
EnglishGrammar.org: lessons, exercises, rules for everyday use
Etymology of First Names
Forvo - Online dictionary of pronunciation
Linguistic Phenomena and Devices
The Phrontistery: English Word Lists & Language Resources
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus: think outside the box!

Rhetoric: A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices by Robert A. Harris: A to Z
Rhetoric: A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples, Univ of Kentucky
Roget's II; The New Thesaurus (3rd ed.): Bartleby.com; 35,000+ synonyms
Sentence Diagrams:Examples and diagrams from Eugene Moutoux
Very Best of British: American's Guide to Speaking British
Virtual Salt's Conjunctions, Punctuation Reminders
Wikibooks Textbook Online: Old English
WordWeb: Free English Thesaurus Dictionary (download)
Wordsmyth: Educational Dictionary/Thesaurus


LANGUAGE: OTHER   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

12 Greek Words You Should Know from DailyWritingTips.com
20 Podcasts That Will Teach You Spanish, French, Italian and German from OpenCulture Podcast Directory
Arabic into English: Translate through Ajeeb.com; hint: unless you have an Arabic font, you'll want to enter the URL
BBC Languages
Chinese: Language Learning Library
Chinese: Learning Mandarin Chinese from the BBC, indexed by Sutree
Conjugation Trainer
Dictionaries: Index to Online Dictionaries 
Dictionaries: Xlation.com's Dictionaries
Dictionary: Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues
Faganfinder Translation Tool (49 languages, online)
Foreignword.com:160+ dictionary links for 61 languages, machine translation of 19 languages, 1000+ glossaries.
Free Translation Page, translates text or web pages
French: Basic French from the BBC, indexed by Sutree
French Tutorial Online
Glossaries: Xlation.com's Glossaries
Goethe-Tests Multilingual Exercises Online  
Grammars, Idioms, Lessons: Xlation.com's Grammars, Idioms and Lessons

Hieroglyphics translater from U.Penn.Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Language Advantage Online Translator: choose subject, source language, target language
Languages: Transparent.com's Language Pages: 30+ Languages 
Languages: UR-CVANet
Global Village: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, more!
Pronunciation Guide (Voice of America): how to say names of officials worldwide
Spanish: Computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts
Spanish Dictionary with online audio pronunciations
Spanish: Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial
 Spanish: Language Learning Library
Spanish: RollingRs.com - video podcasts: Spanish lessons 
Spanish: World Lecture Hallís Spanish Course Links
PROMT's Online Translator 
Translation Assistant Online: WinDi - 7 languages

Translation with Systran by Alta Vista
Welsh: Mark Nodine's A Welsh Course Online, English to Welsh Lexicon, Welsh to English Lexicon
Wikibooks Textbook Online: Louisiana French
Wikibooks Textbook Online: Spanish
Word Games from Transparent.com: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese  

Word of the Day: French by Transparent.com
Word of the Day: Spanish
by Transparent.com

   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE       

40+Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation
100 Useful Web Tools for Writers from CollegeDegrees.com's blog
American Heritage Book of English Usage Guide to Contemporary English
Conquering Confusing Words (E-Zine University)
Copyright Law from StarvingArtistsLaw.com
Eight Steps to Writing So That People Not Only Read and Understand but Even Respond to Your Marketing Message
        (E-Zine University)

Glossary of Poetic Terms from Bob Shubinski
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples 
Grammar Bytes! Interactive assistance 
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay by Kathy Livingston

I Write Like: Analysis of your writing style
Lifewriting with Steven Barnes - 9 week writing class, a version of his class at UCLA - free
Literary Resources on the Net by Jack Lynch

MIT: Advanced Essay Workshop (free course) 
MIT: Writing and Reading Short Stories (free course) 
Music Law from StarvingArtistsLaw.com
Nieman Watchdog: The Questions To Ask (Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University)
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: editing & revising writing
Poetry Magic: choose beginner or advanced levels! 
Power Reporting: thousands of online resources!
Purdue University: Documenting Electronic Sources
Purdue University: Effective Workplace Writing
Purdue University: Handbook on Report Formats
Purdue University: Pattern and Variation in Poetry
Purdue University: Proofreading Your Writing
Purdue University: Reverse Outlining: An Exercise for Taking Notes and Revising Your Work
Purdue University: Writing a Research Paper
Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Writing (E-Zine University)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know  
Trademark Law from StarvingArtistsLaw.com
University of Richmond Writer's Web
University of Utah: Introduction to Creative Writing (free course)
Utah State University: Technology for Professional Writers
Writing@CSU (Colorado State Univ.): Business Writing Guides
Writing Center - George Mason University - writing resources
Writers' Conferences, Retreats: List from ShawGuides.com
Writer's Digest for amateurs or professionals
Writer's Handbook - Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison) Writing Center
Writers' Law from StarvingArtistsLaw.com 


    Cliches, The Book of: see how others have said it many times

Science Resources    Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    


Astronomy-Watch.com: everything from deep sky to Tonight's Sky 
Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA 
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive from NASA 
Climate Central - independent research organization: how climate change affects you!
Consolidated Lunar Atlas  
Current Sky Information: Earth and Space Report
- current planetary and comet positions

Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
NASA StarTrails Society - current astronomy news
National Optical Astronomy Observatory Image Gallery

Sky & Telescope: What's Up in the Sky - This Week at a Glance 
Sky & Telescope: Interactive Sky Chart - just enter your coordinates: Coles Point is 38 08 N, 76 38 W

Space Library - NASA/JPL/Cal Tech "spylass on the cosmos"
Tonight's Sky from Skywatching Center,Earthsky.com; current schedule
Visible Earth -from NASA: searchable directory of images 

NATURE - BIRDS   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

Audubon's Birds of America: online edition of 1840 seven volume text with illustrations
Butterflies of North America: USGS, distribution maps, more
Field Guides, Online: National Audubon Society, searchable
Internet Bird Collection (videos) from Handbook of the Birds of the World
Northern Neck Audubon Society


Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth
National Academy of Science, Engineering, Inst. of Medicine & Nat. Research Council: over 4000 downloadable books in pdf format
Physics for the 21st Century (Harvard/Smithsonian)
Science Research Portal - free access to scientific publications and databases
Smithsonian: The Dynamic Earth -  Multimedia or printable versions
Starts with a Bang! - Life science, physical science,brain & behavior, tech & info science


Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - from NASA, browse or search
Johns Hopkins' Chesapeake Bay Region Satellite Photos
Visible Earth -from NASA: searchable directory of images  


Everyday Living Resources    Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    


10 Best Part-Time Jobs with Benefits from PTMoney.com
25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume from HRWorld.com
162,000 jobs online - Monster.com employment search source
AARP Featured Employers - listing of companies that appreciate mature job applicants
How to Nail an Interview: 20 Job Interview Tips from GetRichSlowly
Kickbully.com: Guide to Fighting Workplace Bullies
Layoff Daily  - not only layoffs, but hirings as well
Net-Temps lets you search nationally
Write Your Resume: (Template) from CareerZone

   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

55 Ways to Get More Energy from ZenHabits: Simple Productivity
AAA's Media Site for Retail Gasoline Prices: check by state and area
AARP on  Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
AltaVista Tools & Gadgets: 12 categories of handy ideas

Center for Women Veterans: education, advocacy, health information
Checklists for everything (almost) from Checklists.com
Cost of War in Iraq - running total from Congressional Budget Office estimates
Dahlgren: Potomac River Test Range site for Naval Sea Systems Command - check on firings  here
Fact Checker: Annenberg Public Policy Center, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Flag Etiquette from US History.org 
Freecycle - recycle your stuff, find recycled stuff from others - all free!
Funerals: A Consumer Guide from the FTC
Gallup Poll - what's on your mind?
Haz-Map Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Agents (US National Library of Medicine
Happiness Formula: BBC News - what is it? Take the test!
HTG (How-to-Geek) Explains: Cameras, Lenses and How Photography Works
How to Write a Thank You Note in 6 Easy Steps (The Morning News)
Kansas State Research & Education Online Publications
Merck Veterinary Manual: 50th Edition
National Anthems of the World 
National Do Not Call Registry from the F
TC -
avoid telemarketers!
Online Typing Tests from Learn 2Type - register, but it's free!
Petfinder: Locate a shelter near you, and adopt a homeless pet!  
    Note: Go to the What's New Page to see featured pets from Westmoreland County

Photo Master Classes from BBC Wildlife Magazine
Photography Cheat Sheets from ThePhotoArgus
Sea Tow Foundation for Boating Safety and Education
Serve.gov - online resource for locating volunteer opportunities near you
 Stickk.com - help yourself reach your goals with this novel (free) site!
Tricks of the Trade - great variety of insider tips!
UPS Quick Cost Calculator lets you preview shipping costs!
USPS Price List as of July 2009 - Post Office fees
US Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory - searchable (in the Northern Neck area, call Diana O'Connor 804-224-0596; Wildlife Refuge 804-313-2240
VA Fact Pack from the Virginia Is For Lovers website
VA Lottery Results Page 
What It Costs: Everything Costs Something!
Why the Towers Fell: PBS companion site to the televised program
Worst Case Scenarios: what to do and when to do it!


FINANCE   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

8 Things To Do After Losing Your Wallet: GovGab US Govt Blog
Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Locator - worldwide
Percentage Change Calculator from NewsEngine "What Financial Documents Do You Need in a Disaster?"

 Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE 

Answers@ACE:Interactive projects library for home repair and more
AOL Government Guide Home Price Check
Better Homes & Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Contractor's License Reference Site for all states
DoItYourself.com - from Appliance Care to Woodworking
Epsom Salts - Beauty Usage at
Epsom Salts - Health Uses at
Handy Ma'am Tool Box Archive
Home Improvement Tools: DIY Network
Home Power Magazine - solar, wind, more!
Household Products Database - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
In the Workshop: Tool Box
Machinery Safety: Hand/Power Tools
New Homemaker: Resources for Domestic Renaissance
Organized Home.com: recipes for household cleaners and more
Printable Checklists - so simple, just click + to add an item!
StillTasty.com - Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide for food and beverages - search or browse
ThisToThat.com: How to glue almost anything to almost anything else  


DIET   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE   

7 Foods Which Prevent Overeating (Divine Caroline)
BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator from CDC
Dietary Guidelines for Americans: USDA (2011)
Harvard Nutrition Source - accurate current nutrition info
Starbucks Nutritional Information - check on calories, carbs, and more!
Three Rivers Health District Restaurant Inspections:Northern Neck; Richmond Inspections; Henrico Inspections; Other VA Inspections
USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, searchable online
Veg Online

AUTOS   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE   

AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
Car Insurance: Dealing with an Accident from FiveCentNickel.com
Consumer Reports Bumper to Bumper: Source for Everything Autos

  Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE   

10 Tips & Tricks for Making Your Stuff Last Longer from Lifehacker
10 Uncluttering Things To Do Every Day - from Unclutterer/com
100 Best Blogs for Those Who Want to Change the World
100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals: Photo-Tuts
100 Skills Everyone Should Know: The Instructions (with Videos)
101 Great Gifts to Make (for all occasions) from About.com
34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself
BBC Surveys and Psychological Tests
"Beat the Heat"by Lifehacker
Crafts Project Index - About.com
E-snipe: A service that lets you place your E-bay bid at the very last moment
DIY Interactive Tutorial Library
Dress Code Guide - all situations defined, from white tie to business casual
Do-It-Yourself Instruction Articles from Dave's Repair
Eight Minute Rule from "How To Get a Grip"
GetHuman Database - how to get to real customer service reps hiding behind voice menus
Grandma's Home Remedies
Health & Fitness Info -ACE Fitness videos, articles, workouts & tips
Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups
How Stuff Works by Marshall Brain
"How to Nap" from the Boston Globe
How To Replace Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Personal Paperwork: MoneyTalksNews.com
How to Survive in the Wilderness Using Your Mobile Phone: MakeUseOf.com
IVR Cheat Sheet - helps you bypass endless menus on phone calls!
Jung Typology Test: Briggs Myers personality type test online
Learn2 from Panmedia: the "ability utility"
MusicTheoryNet: Online lessons, trainers and utilities * Chord calculator
NYTimes Haggler: A Guide to Complaints That Get Results
OwnerIQ - find manuals for the products you own
Peter's Online Typing Course  - tests you & teaches you online free
Power Grid Info: (1) How Power Grids Work; (2) Blackouts: Safety Info
Time Tips: quick assessments on how to better use your time
Top 10 Repair Projects You Should Never Pay For from Lifehacker
Top 10 Winter Survival Tools & Tactics from Lifehacker
Typeonline - course, plus online speed test
Typing Course, Free Online from GoodTyping.com
"VideoLectures.Net" Many categories, amazing variety of lectures
WonderHowTo: over 1700 instructional videos

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Anywho: Toll Free Directory * Reverse Lookups * E-mail Lookups 
Area Code Finder from 555-1212.com

Cheap Gas - shows you where on Google Maps!
E-mail Finder from AOL
EPA Polluter Locator and more!

HardToFind800Numbers.com - find the toll free number you need!
Historical Maps from James Ford Bell Library - University of Minnesota

Lawyer Locator from Martindale-Hubbell  - check the ratings for yourself
MapQuest Gas Price Search - a shortcut: enter the zip code!
Marine Traffic: See ships displayed on the map
National Address Server: enter address, get zip codes and bar codes
OpenSecrets gives you the inside skinny on who contributes what
QwestDex People Finder
The State of Our Bridges: Check out ones near you!
Switchboard: find people, business, directions
Terra Server aerial photographs and topographic maps
TicketPredator - tickets for concerts, theater, sporting events, more!
Toll Free Directory through Anywho (AT&T)

Ultimate White Pages
Virtual Chase People Finder: public records/info, reverse telephone directories, white pages
Wink - social/business networking search engine
Zipdecoder: from Ben Fry - zoom into your region via the zip code map
ZipInfo: zip, FIPS, county, time zone, area code, latitude, longitude, MSA & PMSA

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 4 Government Resources for Small Businesses: OpenForum.com
25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume from HRWorld.com
Business Advice in Three Words from "Mind of an Entrepreneur"
BusinessDictionary.com - over 20,000 terms
Business Owners' IdeaCafe: A Fun Approach to Serious Business
Career Guide to Industries: inside scoop on many different careers
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit: total know-how for small business

CorporateInformation.com:350,000+ companies
EDGAR Online Searchable Database
Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business Information, 3rd Edition,
     by Robert M. Jackson, Business Reference Services, Library of Congress

Free Complete Toolkit for Boards from ManagementHelp.Org
Guide to Doing Business in Virginia: LexMundi.com; 115 pg. PDF
How Products are Made from Madehow.com
How to Nail an Interview: 20 Job Interview Tips from GetRichSlowly
Job Tracker: Working America: jobs being exported, layoffs - from AFL-CIO
Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms from FACSNET
Notes on Reading Resumes from Swiss Army Librarian
Office Ergonomics
Rutgers University Libraries Company Research: public/private/other
Ten Unusual Ways to Improve Your Appearance of Confidence That Really Work from The Simple Dollar
WhichDraft.com:create free online legal forms using your or their templates, compare documents

  Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

CostHelper.com - pricing info, browse or search!
Coupon Cabin
Ellwood Thompson's Market
FatFingers checks Ebay misspelled listings for you
FreeShipping.org: Free shipping coupons to over 1480 businesses
Good Guide: safe food, personal care, household chemicals and toys
Google's Catalog Search (Beta)
Hammacher Schlemmer
Kelley Blue Book
The Produce Workers' Guide to Choosing Fruits and Vegetables from Wisebread.com
RetailMeNot: online coupons/codes for discounts
SafeShopping: American Bar Association tips
Senior Discounts: GiftCardGranny.com
Shopzilla - read reviews, compare products and prices
Sotheby's: Online Auction
Ultimate Consumerist Guide to Fighting Back (Revised Edition)
Wholefoods.com, the market


TIME   Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE    

    Time from US Naval Observatory Master Clock

Back to FAST LINKS   Take me to the HOME PAGE   

Remember The Milk: online "to-do list" - free!
Tracking with Packtrack: UPS, FedEx, Airborne, DHL, Emery, Express Mail, Purolator
Package Tracking via map: PackageMapper.com

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